Tech Expert Says: Vista Beats XP Hands Down!

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Although Windows Vista has only been on the business market since November, with home users getting their hands on it almost exactly one month ago, many industry experts have been using it for much longer. One such long-time user is ZDNet blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, who recently spouted his rather positive feelings towards Vista.

It's in the massively upgraded interface that Kingsley-Hughes finds himself so impressed with Microsoft's latest operating system (OS). That's where he finds it beats XP "hands down", with efficiency features like an improved Start Menu, improved search engine, and more clearly defined and larger icons. They're simple upgrades, but collectively, these little things add up to make the Vista experience far superior to that offered by XP. (Source:

Kingsley-Hughes, who has been using Vista for some 19 months now, is also impressed with the audio improvements. He divulges his severe distaste for previous Microsoft operating system sounds, to the point where he found himself turning them off completely. With Vista, that's changed. Microsoft hired a music and audio expert to craft the sounds for this new OS, and the result are sounds that reflect more than just annoying bell and whistles. The music has also been programmed to project a more international flavor, replacing the very Western soundtrack of XP and Windows 98, 95.

Another significant improvement to Vista over XP is the OS' consistency. Although XP was considered by many to be a lockup-prone experience, Vista rarely runs into these kinds of problems. Part of the reason for this is Microsoft's heavy-handed bundling of additional drivers, making the Vista experience much more stable than XP.

Other positive changes from XP to Vista include fewer bugs and a comparable operating speed (impressive, considering the plethora of added features). (Source:

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