'Zone Screen', and 'Online Flv Converter'

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Zone Screen

ZoneScreen is a solution for extending your desktop using displays of other computers (including Pocket PC) through a network connection. Like VNC, ZoneScreen is able to mirror a local desktop to another computer in your network. The main difference is that it also allows you to extend desktop, not only mirror it. Also, you could use ZoneScreen for Windows Mobile to extend/mirror your desktop to screen of your handheld. All you need for ZoneScreen to work is network connection between your computers (your computers are both connected to the same network, or connected directly with cross-over cable or 1394 Firewire cable, etc). In case you are using Pocket PC, you may also use connection provided by ActiveSync (using cradle cable, IR port, etc).


Online Flv Converter

This service allows you convert a Flash Video [FLV file], such as Youtube, etc, to MPEG4 online. It uses a compressed domain transcoder technology.


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