iMacs Getting a Makeover?

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It seems that Apple is planning to give the iMac a new look. Recent reports reveal that Apple execs have called on the company's award-winning Design Chief Jonathan Ive to rework the Mac into a sleeker design. A slim pair of Core 2 Duo-based models is expected to be produced by Ive and his team. (Source:

The redesign reports are quite exciting for iMac fans. The most recent aesthetic overhaul occurred nearly three years ago in August of 2004, when Apple replaced its "sunflower" iMac G4 with the portrait-style iMac G5. (Source:

Speculators expect the changes to be applied only to the 20" and 24" models, with the 17" models either being phased out or used as a bare-bones model for the education market. (Source:

As far as shipping dates, the timing remains unknown. However, some expect the new iMacs to be released alongside Apple's upcoming new "Leopard" operating system, due later this year. (Source:

Apple has surely recognized the shift in consumer preferences away from desktops and toward notebook computers. In 2006, the company concentrated its industrial design efforts on its notebook lines, creating revisions that better appealed to both consumers and professionals. Apple had announced its plans to rebuff its 15" MacBook Pro models with more vivid LED backlight display panels, which the company plans to release this Spring. Apple also plans to add a tiny flash-enabled ultra portable model to the line-up sometime later on. (Source:

Apple's notebook-centered efforts in 2006 did not go unrewarded. The company was able to boost its notebook market share that year to over 10% in the US. (Source:

Although it's sometimes difficult to believe Apple design rumors, perhaps it isn't so unreasonable to expect Apple to continue its efforts which have -- so far -- proven to be successful.

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