Restricting Permission to your Documents: Office 2007

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In Office 2007 (c), depending upon which edition you own, you can use Information Rights Management to allow only specified individuals to access a document.

Using Information Rights Management, you can assign specific rights to each user, including restricting the ability to copy, print, forward, modify, or fact a document. You can even set an expiration date after which a user cannot access the document!

To restrict permission to a document, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Microsoft Office button, point to Prepare, Restrict Permission and then click Restricted Access.
  2. In the Permission dialog box, click Restrict Permission To This Document.
  3. In the Read and Change boxes, add e-mail addresses for those to whom you want to grant permission.
  4. You can click Read or Change to select a user name from your address book.
  5. Enter addresses of users to whom you want to grant full control in the Read or Change box.

To customize permissions, click More options. In the dialog box, you can change permission levels to add further permissions such as setting an expiration date or allowing printing.

Information Rights Management is only available in Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate, Professional Plus and Enterprise editions and will require the installation of the Windows Rights Management client.

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