'Best Practice', and 'D-Pin Purr'

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Best Practice

Best Practice is an audio time-stretching tool designed to slow down or speed up music, either from a file or directly from a CD. Ordinarily, however, sound is distorted when slowed down our sped up, and you get this effect like when playing a 45 rpm record on 33 rpm speed. BestPractice tries to correct this, so you can slow down and speed up music, while keeping the original tune. Since version 0.3 you can also change the pitch of the music without affecting its length.


D-Pin Purr

D-Pin Purr is an experimental program to protect processes and allow you to try out various system and application behavior when certain processes are made protected. Protected Processes are a part of the next-generation high-definition audio/video support present in Vista, and related to the Protected Media Path.


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