Working with Excel 2007 Worksheets and Workbooks

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Each new Excel workbook starts out with three blank worksheets, and an index tab at the bottom of each worksheet identifies the sheet by name.

You can add a new worksheet or delete an existing worksheet and rename or rearrange worksheets to suit your whim. A fourth tab is the Insert Worksheet tab. Click it and a new worksheet is created instantly as well as a fifth Insert Worksheet tab that appears just in case you want to keep adding worksheets.

In Workbooks with many worksheets, you will not be able to see all the sheet names without using the four arrow buttons to the left of the sheet names to scroll.

However, I learned this neat trick from Woody Leonhard:

You can right-click any of those arrow buttons to display a pop-up list containing the names of all the worksheets in the current workbook. Click any name to jump straight to that worksheet.

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