Bill Gates, Americans Look to Asia for Next ... Bill Gates

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We've known for some time that the future of industry and technological development lay in Asia, especially within the massive (and still growing) populations of India and China.

Now, head of Microsoft and famed billionaire Bill Gates is weighing in on the issue, recently telling the media that it's his own research centers in the region that he believes will lead the growth of the globe's tech infrastructure. He's proving it by doing as any businessman should, in good times -- by doubling Microsoft's workforce in Beijing and Shanghai. (Source:

Speaking in front of an audience at the yearly Boao Forum for Asia on the small southern Chinese island of Hainan, Gates told listeners that "Not only is Asia benefiting from the use of technology, Asia will be a major source of the breakthroughs and advances in technology."

Gates furthermore agreed with a recent survey that suggested the next of his kind -- in fact, the next Bill Gates -- would come from across the Pacific. The Big M's chief said "I think that's true -- I think [it's] amazing that [it is] so well organized."

The surprising bit? The above survey was performed and answered by Americans, not Asians. (Source:

Gates made his speech during the tail end of an Asian tour, during which he announced a new Microsoft program entitled "Microsoft Student Innovation", which the company is offering to governments in the area for an ultra-budget $3. Furthermore, Microsoft plans on providing Windows computers to first and second graders in the region.

No word yet on whether they'll be loaded with Vista or XP.

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