Move Over BlackBerry! RIM Throws Competition Curveball with 8300

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When it was first introduced some time ago, the BlackBerry received its most fervent fanfare from business users who fawned over its push email and tiny keyboard. However, the original BlackBerry was never much of a looker, and its size made it the Pavarotti of handhelds. That changed with the introduction of the smaller, sleeker-looking Pearl, and now a modernization may be complete with the release of the Curve 8300.

Although maker Research in Motion's BlackBerry has certainly had its success, the mainstream is still dominated by sleek, feature-laden cell phones.

The Curve 8300 may just have them beat.

While still boasting the BlackBerry's popular keyboard, messaging options, and email, the Curve also boasts a digital camera -- perfect for those Saturday evenings out with the girls. It's also got advanced media player software.

The Pearl's popular trackball returns with the Curve, proving that public response has been favorable after a risky move away from the side-mounted scroll. However, unlike the Pearl the Curve 8300 features a full QWERTY keyboard, instead of the former's abbreviated version. (Source:

The mounted camera, although no replacement for a slim $400 Sony, does boast effective 2 megapixel technology (no video included).

The media player software makes it especially easy for users to transfer music, video, and pictures from a PC to the Curve. Unfortunately, the included 64 MB of memory will have owners desperately clambering for additional storage space. (Source:

The Curve has yet to receive a public price tag from provider AT&T. A second, slightly heavier, sans camera version called the 8830 World Edition will be available from Verizon Wireless soon.

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