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IAC has recently announced the release of Ask Mobile GPS. The company says that the service is the first to merge local content, social networking, and GPS navigation. (Source:

Users can use Ask Mobile GPS in a variety of ways. For example: users can broadcast their current GPS location (along with directions) to anyone in their contact list, get real-time directions, search for businesses through Citysearch, and view event invitations through Evite. (Source: It almost sounds too Orwellian -- and certainly raises questions with respect to a new era in cyber-stalking.

Nonetheless, the new application is strategically important for the company, which hopes to gain an advantage over rival Google. Google, which has been reworking its own mobile applications, has its own set of GPS-enabled widgets that give information such as real-time traffic reports, integrated search results and driving directions. However, unlike Ask Mobile GPS, Google's application is not integrated into other services. (Source:

Google's present advantage over Ask Mobile GPS is the fact that its services are free. Ask Mobile GPS currently charges $9.99 per month. (Source:

So far, reaction to Ask Mobile GPS has been quite positive. SearchEngineLand's Greg Sterling was one of the many who were impressed with the service. "In a certain way the current (and intended future) integration of these IAC brands and content under the Ask mobile application is more successful than anything IAC has yet been able to do online." (Source:

For the time being, the service is only available for Sprint users with Sanyo phones, but the company expects the service to be available with other phones and carriers in the near future.

Ask Mobile GPS is offering a two week free trial to anyone with a compatible phone and carrier. While the monthly rate is slated at $9.99, the company will be offering a stripped-down version on certain phones for only $2.99 per month.

IAC has also announced their plans to integrate even more services into Ask Mobile in the future, such as Ticketmaster. (Source:

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