Apple iPhone Release Date Set

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Not long ago, Apple's most public figure and CEO Steve Jobs promised that the semi-anticipated iPhone would sell ten million times over the course of its first full year available (2008).

Amidst rumors that the eventual release would be pushed back later into the summer of 2007, Jobs and Apple have surprised the media with news that the iPhone will in fact reach retail shelves by the end of this month. Consumers can expect a chance to try out the new device in all its glory on Thursday, June 29. (Source:

When I discussed Jobs' predictions for the iPhone, it startled me (and other tech writers) that he could be so confident in a device that is, essentially, the telecommunications equivalent of the Sony PlayStation 3. Both are equally jam-packed with features that easily trump the opposition, but for a cost. A steep cost, in fact, with both the PS3 and iPhone retailing for about $599. Although one could argue both Apple and cell phones have permeated the mainstream more so than gaming consoles, few teenagers or university students have that kind of dough, whatever the device.

It seems we'll know sooner than expected if Apple has (or hasn't) set the right kinds of expectations. Advertisements featuring black backgrounds and a hand holding the daunting iPhone have been popping up at demonstrations everywhere, with many media analysts comparing the strategy to that taken by Apple with its iPod Nano in late 2005.

For those unaware of its best features, the iPhone is as much an entertaining media tool as it is a cell phone. With a flat touch screen that flips from keypad to movies at ease, it's got anyone with six hundred American dollars (burning a whole in their pocket) very excited. (Source:

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