Microsoft Ignites New Music Program

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Music buffs unite! Microsoft has just launched Ignition, a new music initiative aimed at giving new recording artists exposure via various Microsoft channels.

The Ignition program will utilize Zune, Xbox and MSN to offer exposure to new artists for over a month. Zune Marketplace and will offer free downloads and features, Xbox LIVE Marketplace will feature video downloads, and MSN Video and MSN Music will provide promotional video and music streams. (Source:

As Microsoft's director of music marketing Christina Callo explains, "the Ignition program is designed to help artists connect with a substantial consumer audience. Consumers are looking for ways to find new music, and Ignition helps connect artists with potential new fans by giving them multiple opportunities to listen to, watch, or read about the artist across Microsoft's online platforms." (Source:

Although Xbox Live has already dabbled in music promotion by offering music videos through "Artist of the Month" promos, Ignition will offer a much more comprehensive content offering. (Source:

The first band to be featured on Ignition is the UK band Maximo Park. Product Manager at Warp Records Priyanka Dewan expressed her excitement about the launch. "We're excited to have Maximo Park be the first artist taking part in Microsoft's Ignition program. When you're a band that is attempting to move to the next level of success, opportunities like this to connect with a significant audience are important. The simultaneous promotion across Zune, MSN and Xbox is great exposure for the band." (Source:

You can look forward to free downloads of Maximo Park's single "Our Velocity" and their album "Our Earthly Pleasures" in the near future. (Source:

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