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The Apple iPod may be the most popular mainstream tech item on the market today. Its silky smooth white exterior and pastel-shaded commercials are perhaps the most recognized hardware and hardware advertising campaigns we've seen in years. While not everyone has an iPod, there are those like me who prefer the cheaper competition, we all know someone who does.

And yet, Apple isn't really that mainstream. Its computer line is far less popular than the everyday PC, primarily because the Mac isn't privy to the kind of support afforded the average Windows-running desktop.

Apple's latest product is both exciting, and yet, for now largely elitist. The Cupertino-based company is currently working with pricey German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz on a global positioning system, or GPS. The technology will be exclusively used in the Mercedes line of vehicles, although this will change in the near future. (Source:

Clearly, the most exciting news has nothing to do with Mercedes. Although Apple's hardware will reportedly appear in Benz cars exclusively for the first six months of production, it's the mere announcement that Apple has expanded to GPS technology that will have electronics fans interested.

How will the Apple GPS work?

While the iPhone itself has no GPS functionality, according to my sources Apple's navigation system will use a combination of iPhone and Google Maps technology. Besides helping guide drivers, the Apple GPS will also perform in-car maintenance and communication tasks. (Source:

Beneath the surface lay questions about future iPhone improvements. Clearly, if Apple has the ability to turn the iPhone into a GPS unit, it could certainly reverse the development and add navigation to its handheld communicator.

For now, the Apple GPS and Mercedes deal remains fairly hush-hush. However, it may just be a matter of time before we start seeing those pastel-shaded commercials again, this time with a CLK-class star.

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