Major Vendor Wary of Vista

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In another unprecedented move for Dell, the PC manufacturer is "stepping back" from telling businesses to upgrade to Windows Vista due to challenging migration issues and is warning them about hardware issues they'll have to deal with.

"They need to be looking at the number of images they will be installing and the size of these images" said Dell's European client services business manager Niall Fitzgerald. "A 2GB image for each user will have a big impact." Microsoft has suggested that a 1GB image was fine for Vista, but Fitzgerald says 2GB image sizes are more likely. (Source:

Consequently, Dell is "stepping back" from telling businesses they must upgrade said Fitzgerald. "We are not here to promote Microsoft and tell people they should buy it. We can show them the advantages of Vista and what they need to put in place to begin the move across."

"Application migration is a key area" said Fitzgerald. "You have to allow time for testing. Vista is big and complex and there is a lot to it. It requires a lot of testing. You can't just shut off XP on Friday and start Vista on Monday morning. There will be training and a lot of things to learn."

The overall challenges are significant and should not be underestimated added Fitzgerald. He does however, think that businesses should begin the migration and not wait for the first service pack to be released by Microsoft.

Somehow, I'm not sure if service pack 1 is going to be able to help Vista either.

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