AT&T Business Subscribers Hold Up iPhone Activation

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Ask any consumer who has scrimped and saved for the Apple iPhone, and they'd surely tell you that they can't wait to start using their new toy.

Now, AT&T says that confusion among business-account customers is contributing to some iPhone owners experiencing delays in activating their new cell phones, even after they have physically received the wireless device!

AT&T is washing their hands of the entire ordeal, saying that they had repeatedly warned their corporate clients before the iPhone's launch that employees would need to switch business AT&T accounts over to individual accounts in order to activate their phones after the release date. (Source:

Still, some employees did not think it was important to make the switch early, causing the activation slowdown.

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel stressed his empathy towards the inactive users saying, "It is certainly understandable that an individual might not know how to take the steps towards activation".

Siegel refused to announce exactly how many customers were still without service, but did speculate that the total is "now down to an even lower percentage of what was already a low percentage". (Source:

The activation problems are not to be confused with the challenges some iPhone owners are facing with corporate emails. Since the device is so new, some businesses have been reluctant to allow employees to use iPhones to deliver and receive corporate emails. Apple is in no way associated with these individual corporate decisions.

As it stands, AT&T is the exclusive service provider for the iPhone. The wireless handheld device is being regarded as one of, if not the, most closely watched products launched in years.

The activation delays have apparently generated a mixed reaction among investors. Apple shares recently reached a new closing high, bringing the shares to $127.17, which is up 4.9%. Ironically, AT&T shares closed at $41.50, which is down 0.8%. (Source:

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