Free TTF Font packs?, Part 2

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Recall --

Because fonts are in such high demand, many of the so-called font web sites on the Internet are clouded with links to popup ads and flashy banners. In the last issue of the Gazette, I asked Readers if they knew of some font web sites which were easy to use and offered free fonts without the clutter of advertisements.

Free TTF Font packs?

Since then, I've received quite a few good suggestions.

Dave W. from Pheonix, AZ. writes:

" Looking for free fonts? I was steered to ExtremeFonts last year [after reading an issue of] Lockergnome. ExtremeFonts is one of the better fonts sites that I've seen [on the web], and one of the few sites without the runaround that you mentioned. "

Greg T. suggested FontParadise:

And, Jodi R. sent me a link from PC World, " This link has a nice selection of various fonts and packages. Some are free and some shareware. ",fid,3504,00.asp

Robin K. and a few other suggested LarabieFonts, " [Larabie Fonts has a link which allows users to download all their TTF fonts (7.5 meg)], without having to click on every single one. "

Eric S. and a few others recommended GimmeFonts, " GimmeFonts is a great service! PS: Thanks for everything you’ve done for Infopackets!"

A user name "Pooja" sent me a link to AbstractFonts. The free fonts are listed in alphabetical order on the left side of the main page. The link below takes you to the letter "A":

Glen F. writes, " I personally like It has over 18,000 fonts. "

Francine C. sent me a link to "Fancy and Unique Fonts". This site layout is easy to follow and features 1,119 fonts:

Diane M. sent me a few good links which she uses for her design shop:

And, good news for Star Trek fans!

Steve from Western Australia sent me a link which features 3 different font packs, including: "Federation, Romulan, and Klingon". You can even use these fonts with the free report I made on a Star Trek Desktop Theme:

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