Sony Recalls Continue to Mount

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Sony electronics is recalling close to 400,000 Cyber-Shot cameras worldwide due to a dangerous defect. The specific models in question are the Cyber-Shot DSC-T5, with serial numbers between 3500001 and 3574100.

The recalled cameras have a metal plating on the bottom of their units that may warp. If warping occurs, a sharp edge will be created that can cut or scratch a user's hand. An oversight during the manufacturing of the cameras is responsible for the problem. It turns out that the plating was not equipped with enough adhesive strength to prevent it from lifting.

While this is an error on Sony's part, the company is not denying the damaging effects that its product has had on consumers. Ryoko Takagi, a Sony spokesperson admits that Sony has "received over 30 reports in Japan and several similar cases overseas that users had paper cut-like scratches, including one person who complained a piece of coating got stuck under a finger nail." (Source:

Besides the recall, you may wonder what Sony is doing to make amends with its customers.

First of all, the company promises to replace the part at no charge. Shipping will be covered by Sony as well. For the customers who have already paid to have the cameras fixed, Sony will reimburse them. (Source:

Though it seems as if Sony is really covering its tracks, all of this trouble could have been prevented. Sony first learned of the problem a month after releasing the cameras in 2005. So why did they not recall the cameras earlier, before its customers experienced pain and frustration?

This particular recall is just one of many Sony has issued in the past year. In November, Sony recalled eight other types of Cyber-Shot digital cameras due to a glitch with the image sensor. Around the same time, the electronics giant also recalled millions of its laptop computer batteries which were at risk of catching fire. (Source:

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