'Madotate', and 'Runscanner'

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An English translation is now available via this interesting tweak to the Win GUI. This is a program which will add another function button to each window, right next to the minimize button, but instead of minimizing the window, when pressed, the button will cause the window to flip up, its lower half receding into the distance. Thus, it'll store your windows "flattened" near the top of your screen, like so many stacked panes of glass. Each pane has a tab to tell you which it is. This is a very original and clever graphic hack. The program's author is Takayuki Shinohara. The English translation was done by Mr. GC, one of Shell City's long time friends, whose site went off the air a while back. Direct download thanks to our old friend, Kendo.



RunScanner is a completely free Windows system utility which scans your system for all configured running programs. You can use Runscanner to detect autostart programs, spyware, adware, homepage hijackers, unverified drivers and other problems. You can import and export your results and let other people help solve your problems.


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