LimeWire Soon to Launch Paid Music Store

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LimeWire Store is coming to a network near you. Lime Wire LLC -- the company behind controversial LimeWire file-sharing software -- will make itself legitimate by creating a digital music store.

Users will be able to search for and purchase music directly from the LimeWire program. Since convenience is a priority, a few different payment options will be accessible. For those who buy music frequently, monthly subscriptions will work in their favor. Customers making individual track purchases will pay between 99 cents and $1.29 per song. As well, all songs will be in MP3 audio format. (Source:

Two music companies have decided to partner with LimeWire in its new store. One company, IRIS Distribution, represents independent artists and labels. The other corporation, Nettwerk Productions, is a privately owned label native to Canada, whose business partners include Avril Lavigne. LimeWire executives are pleased with the new partnerships and the exceptional credentials held by both firms. In the words of LimeWire Chief Financial Officer, Jesse Rubenfeld, "We are delighted to collaborate with these forward-thinking music companies and sell their authorized content through LimeWire." (Source:

Less than a year ago, the LimeWire company was sued by the IFPI, RIAA, Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI, and Warner Music Group for facilitating illegal file sharing. In addition to its legal misconducts, Congress boldly characterized LimeWire as a "threat to national security." (Source:

Why would LimeWire just decide to embark on paid music downloads when Napster, a similar company, already failed at the same task? In a world where piracy is occurring on every virtual corner, why would LimeWire believe that customers would start paying for music?

We'll soon know if the gamble pays off.

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