Apple Unveils New iPods, iPhone Surprise

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When Apple's invitations for an upcoming special event were sent out last week, a buzz about the possible release of new iPods began almost immediately. Now that Apple's event has come and gone, it is safe to say that the company did not disappoint -- in fact, they left much to be excited about.

At the media event on Wednesday, CEO Steve Jobs announced some minor changes to the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle, but the big news came from the iPod nano and the new iPod touch.

The new nano has been dubbed the "fat" iPod nano. The modified device includes a 2 inch 320x240 LCD screen, with a capacity of 8GB -- double the capacity of the older nanos. For the first time, nanos support video as well as games. They will be available in black, red, silver, blue and green. The silver 4GB model retails for $149, while the 8GB model, available in all colours, will sell for $199. (Source:

Also revealed at the event was the iPod touch, a new device that Jobs modestly dubbed "the seventh wonder of the world." The gadget, which is only 8mm thick, includes a 3.5 inch screen, WiFi Internet access and Apple's Safari Internet browser. Similar in look to the iPhone, the iPod touch boasts the ability to show films in widescreen. Further, it allows users to buy tracks directly from iTunes without having to use a separate computer. The iPod touch will set you back $299 for an 8GB model and $399 for the 16GB version. (Source:

Although the event centered on the unveiling of the updated iPods, the iPhone was not completely absent from Jobs' commentary. Apple has decided to quash the 4GB model completely, and reduce the price of the 8GB model from $599 to $399. (Source:

That alone is worth a press conference!

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