HP Invades Mobile Phone Industry

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The Hewlett-Packard Company made its most recent push into the lucrative mobile phone market by unveiling two new cell phones, in addition to several other modern innovations.

The phones were introduced as part of the latest iPAQ models amidst a huge star-studded gala in New York City. The iPAQ is a pocket PC and personal digital assistant that was first unveiled by Compaq in 2000. The device has been marketed by Hewlett-Packard ever since Compaq was acquired by the company in 2002. (Source: technology.canoe.ca)

While the device has been regarded as the leading rival to the Treo Palm, it apparently offers more multimedia capabilities than the Microsoft Windows interface.

Hewlett-Packard unveiled 56 new products in total at the gala, including several desktop computers, PDAs and the two iPAQ mobile phones. The products will undoubtedly add to the recent influx in revenue experienced by the company. Last year, HP grossed $29.2 billion in sales alone. (Source: technology.canoe.ca)

Hewlett-Packard is a major player in the world of personal digital assistants (PDAs), but is still best known for their personal computers that can be found in most homes and offices around the world. As customers continue to flock towards mobile phones, HP has responded by expanding into the cell and smart phone market in the past couple of years. The two phones signal a new direction for the company as they continue to build off their strength in the PDA market to become a full-fledged smart phone maker.

The first HP mobile phone, the iPAQ 600, looks and functions like a cell phone and includes a navigation feature with 3-D maps. The second iPAQ, the 900, comes complete with a full keyboard, along with other standard features. The two iPAQ models run on the latest in third-generation, or 3G, high-speed networks. (Source: examiner.com)

There have been no carriers announced yet, but Hewlett-Packard said that the phones are planned to work with most major carriers in the near future.

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