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When Windows Vista was released to the public in January of this year, it was expected to replace Windows XP. Unfortunately for Microsoft, businesses and consumers have been avoiding Vista like the plague for a wide variety of reasons, and it seems the over-priced, overrated operating system won't be improving a whole lot in the near future.

A recent article from Tech Blorge listed four signs indicating Microsoft will continue to support Windows XP for a while to come. After the four reasons given by Tech Blorge, I've added a few other reasons as well.

Here are the four signs given by Tech Blorge:

1. Microsoft offers XP downgrade options for Vista users

Offering downgrades to previous operating systems is extremely rare, usually indicating that Windows Vista sales and use are not up to expectations. Microsoft has acknowledged that numerous businesses and consumers aren't ready to make the leap to Vista yet, and it's been widely reported that several of the original purchasers of Windows Vista have already 'upgraded' back to Windows XP.

2. Microsoft extends XP sales due to demand

Time has not been a friend to Windows Vista. Many consumers and computer manufacturers have pleaded with Microsoft for more time to buy Windows XP. In response, Microsoft moved the retirement deadline for Windows XP from January 31, 2008 to June 30, 2008 and it's entirely plausible that it will be extended even further.

3. Microsoft offers new licenses for illegitimate Windows XP copies

In a surprising move, Microsoft recently announced the availability of Windows XP licenses (and possibly to help struggling Windows Vista sales) to companies running illegitimate copies of Windows XP, which is also an indication that it might be around for a while longer. To qualify, users must pledge to use only genuine Microsoft software going forward and agree to have their software infrastructure audited.

4. Microsoft updates IE 7 and drops WGA validation requirement for Window XP

Recently Microsoft announced the availability of Internet Explorer 7 to users of Windows XP without having to get Windows Genuine Advantage authentication, also indicating that XP will probably be around a while longer than originally planned.

My 3 reasons to continue using Windows XP

Now, (and this is just my personal opinion), here are 3 more reasons that Windows XP will be the last Microsoft operating system I use unless some drastic changes are made to Windows Vista:

1. The End User License Agreement (EULA) needs to be a LOT more user-friendly, not so draconian and anti-consumer. As it stands now, there is no way I would ever agree to it.

2. ALL 'Features and Services' information needs to be made available to the public, stating what information is transferred where, why it's transferred, and what's done with it, as well as information on how many backdoors are built in (e.g. the recent stealth update done with no user intervention) and why.

3. There should be an option to disable The User Account Control (UAC) without causing adverse affects and limited use on the computer.

Until those 3 things are changed, I'll use my Windows XP Pro as long as I can, otherwise my next computer will be made by Apple.

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