Sony W580i Walkman Set To 'Shake Up' The Mobile Phone Industry

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While the mobile phone industry continues to fawn over the incredible features found in the iPhone, it is important to remember that several other devices currently exist that provides equal (or in some cases) better options than Apple's device.

Meet the latest competitor in the mobile phone market: The Sony W580i Walkman.

The W580i Walkman is currently available through Rogers via Sony Ericsson and immediately distinguishes itself from the Apple iPhone with the tag line, it "doesn't shakes!" (Source:

The W580i possesses the sleekest-looking frame out of any other, but it is the user-friendly options that make the device a viable competitor to the iPhone. The product serves as a walkman, a camera, an organizer, a pedometer and a mobile phone. The walkman music player maintains an impeccable sound quality pumped through two comfortable, form-fitting ear buds. The music player comes complete with all of the standard features that you would expect from Sony, including the introduction of "RDS capability," which can display the name of the tune you are listening to. (Source:

The W580i also features a brand-new "Shake Control" option allows the user to select the next track in their playlist or at random by holding down the "Walkman" key and simply flicking their wrist in a manner that is very similar to the Nintendo Wii's lauded "motion sensitivity".

The W580i also boasts a rather unique "Fitness Trainer" feature that measures the steps you take throughout the day, how much time it takes you to walk or run over a given distance, and how many calories you burn in the process.

Who ever thought that a mobile phone could be good for your health?

The W580i is also airplane-friendly. A user simply has to set the device to "Flight Mode" and all transmission functions will cease, while still granting access to other mobile features. (Source:

The W580i is available in two shades: Urban Grey or Sky White. It comes with 12 MB of useable memory and a removable 512 MB Sony Memory Stick Micro. The device currently sells for $149 complete with a 3-year plan from Rogers.

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