Game Bandits Make Off with $300,000 Haul

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If you're cruising along the flea market lines in the next month or so and happen upon a library of brand new video games for dirt-cheap prices, I might have an idea as to where they came from. Not long before the early morning commute a Toronto band of thieves made off with a whopping $300,000 worth of gaming goodness.

The heist was actually made just west of Toronto in the oversized suburb of Mississauga. Well before the sun could rise on a chilly Friday morning, a thief (or two or three or enough for a good multiplayer match) broke into a freight yard on North Line West in the city. In that yard was a trailer containing over a quarter million bucks worth of video games, one heck of a haul. By 6 a.m., as most gamers were just wrapping up their World of Warcraft sessions and settling in for the night, the trailer was long gone and reported missing to local police. (Source:

When the trailer was found over the weekend, it had been reaped of all its gaming goodness. Although no one's sure if the thieves knew exactly what they were getting by stealing the trailer, it seems they decided the bounty of games was worth the heist after all. Now, it will just take a hair-brained scheme to sell the games for a profit.

Peel Regional Police are now on the lookout for someone with red lines about their eyes and excruciatingly painful thumbs. Of course I'm kidding, but if anyone in the greater Toronto or Ontario area has information, the police would certainly like a word (or perhaps some Xbox Live trash talk). Those with information are asked to call 905-453-2121, ext. 3313 or Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS.) (Source:

By the sounds of reports, it seems as though the trailer may have been full of just one game. Although it's possible the bandit(s) made off with Guitar Hero III, which ships this week, or even Halo 3, there's always the chance they made off with a dud. How about $300,000 worth of the new (and not so hot) "Conan" game, or "Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations," the new DS legal simulator?

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