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Timex has released their most technologically advanced product ever. In addition to the time and date features that have become standard on most modern wristwatches, the new Timex Ironman iControl has icons for pause/play, forward/reverse and volume.

What are these new buttons for?

The lightweight watch is designed to second as a wireless remote control for any iPod with a docking connector. The device comes with a small receiver that attaches directly to the iPod, allowing the user to control their tunes without having to manipulate the clickable wheel.

There are no major configurations or software installation required to enable the wireless remote function. The receiver is completely powered by the iPod itself and synchs easily enough to it. The user simply has to plug the receiver into the dock connector, making sure that the watch is set to "time mode" and press play. A little iPod icon will appear on the watch, indicating that the connection is successful. (Source:

If any other function is in use simultaneously, the remote control option can still run, but the sequence will vary since the buttons are shared.

The wireless feature does not use Bluetooth or WiFi technology, but rather runs on a 433 MHz radio frequency. It is designed to operate up to a maximum of 10 feet; more or less depending on how much clothing is covering the music player or how much battery power is left in the iPod.

The Timex Ironman iControl can also be used as a full-featured workout watch. It has a 50-lap memory recall, a multi-modal countdown timer and also keeps track of other random training results. The user can customize up to three different alarm settings and has access to the exclusive Timex Indiglo night-light for some fun in the dark. For those who want to take their iPod for a swim, the Ironman iControl is also water resistant (up to 100m).

The suggested retail price for the Timex Ironman iControl is $150 and is currently available in four different colours: pink, blue, black and a black/silver combination. (Source:

Analysts expect the device to do fairly well as a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

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