A Digital Lifestyle Guide to Securing Windows XP

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Popular media outlets, like television and newspapers, latch on to new computer virus outbreaks as if the story of the millennium just broke. Journalists report that there are dangers of using buggy software from Microsoft.

How do we protect our computers from becoming compromised?

Operating System exploits and security breaches can allow Hackers unprecedented access to a PC for the sole purpose of malicious intent. Viruses can wipe out an entire computer system, and email worms can spread like wildfire in a matter of hours.

Unfortunately, there aren't a set of straight forward rules one can apply to protecting any PC. What's worse is that the steps needed to protect a PC in today's world of online computing are not found in any Microsoft help file.

Quite simply, the notion of "computer security" is left to the end user to decide.

A Digital Lifestyle Guide to Securing Windows XP

I work with computers sixteen hours a day, almost every day of the week. I'm at risk just like people who only use their computer a few hours every week.

To protect my computer, I've spent countless hours researching the web in order to find the best comprehensive set of tools to automate security -- the same protection used by corporate security executives. Researching issues such as this is my full time job, and that's because I'm a publisher.

Based on recent security exploits in Windows XP and an increase in web viruses, I have outlined the very best of what I have come to learn in one simple guide, called The Digital Lifestyle Guide to Securing Windows XP. In short, the eBook teaches you:

  • How to identify and eliminate security holes in Microsoft Windows XP
  • How to keep your data safe by through the use of strong passwords and encryption
  • How to keep viruses at bay
  • How to stay up-to-date on security patches
  • How to secure a wireless network
  • And most importantly, how to automate most of these processes to save you time

All of my thoughts have been organized in an amazingly simple step-by-step guide, so that anyone -- regardless of computer expertise -- can achieve and maintain security on an ongoing basis.

Protecting your personal data and the well-being of your computer is a necessity, but it shouldn't be your full time job. Download a copy of Digital Lifestyle Guide to Securing Windows XP today, and have piece of mind that your computer is safe.

Act now!

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