Sony to Microsoft: 'Crysis' Us a River

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Way back in November, I reported on the release of Crysis on PC. Hailed as one of the most beautiful (though not particularly brilliant) shooters released in 2007, some critics went so far as to call Crysis -- made by Crytek -- the greatest ever graphical achievement. Now, those gorgeous visuals might be headed to Sony's big black console, and it might just mark a much-needed exclusive for the struggling system.

Similar to the Xbox 360's flagship franchise Halo, Crysis' story follows the frightening invasion of earth by a hostile alien species. Also like Halo, Crysis' main character is outfitted with a special "Nano Muscle Suit" in his defense of humanity. Although critics hesitated to call Crysis the best shooter of 2007 -- primarily because of its enormous though eventually linear environments -- the game was still deemed one heck of an achievement.

According to sources in the gaming world, Crysis will transplant itself from hardcore gaming PCs to the console market in 2008. However, it may invade only the PlayStation 3, contrary to earlier reports that it would hit both Sony's console and Microsoft's Xbox 360. (Source:

The primary source on this one is PlayStation World UK, so the news should be taken with a grain of salt until official word arrives. Still, it should be enough to get desperate PS3 gamers excited, given the system's dearth of exclusive hits. Rumors are that the PS3 Crysis will be an upgraded port of the PC version, with added game modes and other, still unnamed features. (Source:

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