Do You Know what Your Status Is?

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I use the Status Bar in MS Word quite a lot. Do you? Do you know where your Status Bar is and what it does for you?

Your Status Bar is located at the bottom of your Word screen and it contains lots of useful information, such as the page number, total number of pages, etc.

A reader wrote to me recently because like me, she had come to rely heavily on her Status Bar and all of a sudden she couldn't find it! She wanted to know why it had disappeared and how she could get it back.

I could not tell her why it had disappeared as I wasn't there to see what had precipitated its disappearance, but I was able to tell her how to reclaim the Status Bar.

  1. Click on Tools | Options.
  2. On the View tab, under the Show section make sure that the Status Bar option is checked.
  3. Click OK.

The Status Bar should now reappear and all of the information is now readily available again!

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