Add Option Buttons to MS Excel Worksheet

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You may want to use Option buttons in MS Excel when there are a small number of options from which to choose. Option buttons are added by using the Forms toolbar.

If the Forms toolbar is not visible, right-click on a toolbar and in the resulting shortcut menu, select Forms.

Follow the steps below to learn how to add these buttons to your worksheet:

  1. From the Forms toolbar, click and drag the Option Button to place it in your worksheet.
  2. Select and delete the text in the box.
  3. While holding down your ALT key, drag the Option Button to the appropriate cell.
  4. Select the Option Button in edit format and right-click.
  5. From the resulting shortcut menu, select Format Control.
  6. Select the Control tab.
  7. In the Cell link box, type the reference of the linked cell, the name LinkNumber.

Pay attention to the order in which you copy Option Buttons and paste them into the sheet. The linked call, LinkNumber, will return the value of the Option Button according to the order in which it was pasted from the Form toolbar. That means that the first button will return the number 1 to the linked cell. The second button pasted will return the result 2 to the linked cell, etc.

When you add two more Options Buttons to the sheet, both buttons will automatically be updated with the linked reference upon being pasted into the sheet. Therefore you do not need to update these buttons with the reference of the linked cell.

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