Teen Sets Guitar Hero World Record

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Have you recently watched your son or daughter rock their way through "Anarchy in the U.K.", all the while wishing they'd just spend their time playing a real instrument? Well, here's the ultimate head-shaker for those who simply don't understand Guitar Hero: A Rochester teen has been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records exclusively for his pseudo-guitar skills.

At just sixteen, young Chris Chike, of Rochester, Minnesota, is now officially the most prolific Guitar Hero player in the world. It's hard to argue with that, given his recent entry into Guinness' book on account of his recent high score via DragonForce's "Through Fire and Flames", a seven-minute ballad found deep within the third in the Guitar Hero franchise, "Legends of Rock". Chike racked up an astonishing 840,000 points playing the song, attaining an impressive 97 per cent completion rate on the 'expert' difficulty. That's a whole lot better than my 223,000 record on bloody medium. (Source: fragland.net)

If you're wondering, Guinness is sure impressed. In a statement, judge Doug Parsons remarked that the accomplishment was "nothing short of amazing."

As you might expect, it all comes with practice. Chike recently told his hometown newspaper that such, ahem, 'talent', is the result of least four or five hours of playing time each day. However, now that the challenge has passed, Chike says he's playing a bit less.

A junior in high school, Chike set the record at a 'Gamers Edition' Guinness World Records event in the Big Apple. (Source: youtube.com)

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