Hilton Facebook Pics Exposed Through Glitch

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Got a thing for America's most glamorous gadabout? Then take a trip down Facebook lane, where a glitch in the social networking page has opened the door to very private pictures of Paris Hilton for anyone to see.

A Canadian computer technician recently discovered that a freshly-implemented security measure was anything but secure. The new barrier, designed to prevent random profile visitors from flipping through personal photo albums, can easily be circumvented by simply guessing the ID of a photo. Surprisingly, Facebook never checked to make sure their new barricade actually validated whether a visitor was a 'friend' or not, and in some cases even provided tips for random users to help them crack the photo album code. (Source: theregister.co.uk)

How successful has the simple hack been?

Journalists from the Associated Press have toyed with the glitch quite a bit in the last week. They were able to access random vacation pics, holiday parties (how embarrassing) and even the personal photo album of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Of course, the photos receiving the most attention were those of Hilton, partying it up at the Emmys. There are also shots of her brother Nicholas slurping some beers with pals. (Source: cbc.ca)

None of this would be quite as puzzling had Facebook not so recently rolled out new settings it believed would make the site a more secure place to post. The measures were meant to further restrict who can see what on the social networking phenomenon.

Luckily for its many users, Facebook patched up the glitch within hours of it making headlines.

Shots of Paris at the Emmys? I think I'd rather have exclusive pics of George Bush's dog, Barney.

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