Sony Re-Releases Old Classic

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Fans of the Sony PlayStation 3 had a rough time of it when the console launched in November 2006. Pounded in sales by Nintendo and overshadowed by the game library of the Xbox 360, few Sony fanboys could legitimately 'sell' the system for gamers. Now, that may be changing as the console regains a critical feature once thought lost forever.

When it first shipped well over a year ago, the PS3 lacked a small but important little trick that many gamers enjoyed: rumble. Part of the reason, as claimed by Sony, was that the PS3's new controller function, SIXAXIS, would be impaired by the vibrations that add an odd but legitimate sense of immersion to games. Few actually bought the argument that SIXAXIS, which allows gamers to use very limited motion sensor technology, was the obstacle.

In fact, most industry insiders realized the problem was legal. Though Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) president Phil Harrison referred to rumble as a "last generation feature," the comment seems to have been a cover for lawsuits preventing the PS3's use of the dated but dynamic technology. (Source:

Thankfully for Sony gamers, the issue has been resolved and rumble has returned. A 'DualShock 3' controller is now available for about $55, and will soon be packaged with a highly-anticipated PS3 bundle also including Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The new pack should be in retail stores come June.

On another note, Sony is scrambling to convince gamers to buy the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV, despite the fact that it doesn't boast the downloadable content available on Microsoft's Xbox 360. Sony vice president of Product Marketing Scott Steinberg recently said: "there's a lot of game to Grand Theft Auto and there's going to be a lot of game to Grand Theft Auto IV to the point where I think most people will have that Grand Theft Auto experience on the PS3." In other words, the game's big enough and gamers won't need the extra junk getting in their way. (Source:

We'll see when GTA IV ships later this month.

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