Boys Use Web to Build Homemade Stun Gun

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About the only tech sphere blamed more often than 'video games' is the 'Internet'. Some kids from Flesherton, Ontario, Canada have done little to change that stigma, after being caught having constructed their very own homemade stun gun.

According to reports, the boys found instructions on how to build the sometimes-lethal device online. The teen who first made the search also built the primitive taser, which he then sold to a friend for $20.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) described the teens responsible as "good young men," and seem to believe neither fully realized what they were doing.

And yet, they've certainly scared the Flesherton community. One of the boys smuggled the device, about the size of the average staple, into nearby Grey Highlands Secondary School last week. The teacher who found the taser made a quick call to police. (Source:

For now, the OPP appear committed to keeping the matter outside the courts. Neither the school nor the police are convinced the boys meant to go on any kind of a rampage; OPP constable Steve Starr told the media, "I don't think the student realized they are a prohibited weapon."

Thanks to some understanding authorities, the boys, aged 15 and 17, will not be charged but will instead face discipline at school.

Although it has yet to be specified which site the boys used as a reference guide, the first available upon searching for 'how to build a stun gun' is owned by the University of Guelph, not far from Flesherton. The post-secondary establishment, after being needled by the Toronto Star, already plans to remove this section of its site. (Source:

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