Quicker Formulas in MS Excel 2007

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We all know the basic ways of navigating through a document in MS Word using the Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, and Arrow keys, right? If I have done my job properly, you should be nodding 'yes' right now. I am assuming that you all also know that the left and right arrow keys move you one character either way, too.

So now that we have established what you DO know, how about if I try and teach you a little something about the Arrow keys that you do not know?

Follow along with the steps below:The CTRL key + Right or Left Arrow will move your cursor one entire word in the selected direction.   What about the Up and Down Arrow keys you ask?   Use the CTRL key with the Up or Down Arrow key and you will find that you are moving up or down to the next paragraph start. The first time you use the CTRL + the Up Arrow, you will go to the top of the current paragraph. After that, use the key combination again, and you will actually move up to the next paragraph.

Always looking out for you to save time and keystrokes!

To select the formula name, use your Tab key or, if you prefer, double click the formula with your mouse.

Great information to have, don't you agree?

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