Grand Theft Auto IV Crashing?

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Recently I reported on the intense buzz surrounding Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV. Netting some of the most impressive reviews ever seen in modern video gaming, GTA IV is not only being heralded as "the best Grand Theft Auto game yet," but perhaps the best title, well, ever.

Too bad a few glitches might spoil the party.

According to reports from Gamespot, both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers are filling forums with complaints that the game crashes frequently. In pinpointing the source of such complaints, Gamespot cited, official Sony boards, NeoGAF forums, and even its own community. (Source:

Surprisingly, it appears the PlayStation version of the game is experiencing the most difficulty; owners of the 60GB version of the PS3 report frequent problems. One might expect the Xbox 360, which has been prone to the "Red Circle of Death" since it first shipped in November 2005, would be more prone to difficulties.

Thus far, tech support advice -- including the deletion and re-installation of the game -- don't appear to be helping. As of yet, Rockstar has not responded to media requests for comment.

It's bittersweet news given Grand Theft Auto IV's unprecedented launch success. Early reports are already suggesting it may have smashed previous records set by Halo 3, which netted about $170 million on its first day in September 2007. Although it might take some time to find out just how much Rockstar raked in, the company has confirmed an astounding $360 million in preorders alone. (Source:

Let's hope the crash rumors are a minor phenomenon, and don't ruin the reputation of one truly remarkable game.

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