Display Only the Days You Want in your MS Outlook Calendar

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The default in the MS Outlook Calendar is to display all of the days of the week for you. For whatever reason, however, not everyone wants to see those days in their calendars. And sometimes they get a little cranky about having to look at them every single day .

Turns out it is easier than you would have thought to change all that! We don't need anymore crankiness in the world now do we?

Follow the steps below:

  • First, launch MS Excel and open the Calendar.  
  • Secondly, click on File | View.   Select Work Week.  
  • Notice the difference in the screen in front of you since you selected Work Week View.   Now, in the upper right-hand corner, you will notice a small calendar view.   Simply, highlight the specific days that you would like displayed in your calendar. If you find that you are having difficulty, simply hold down your CTRL key while you select your days.

You will now have only the days you selected displayed in your Outlook Calendar.

There is no end to how you can customize things to your liking in MS Outlook!

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