Google Lively-er After Announcing Second Life Competitor

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Taking its cue from the popular time-sucker Second Life, Google has announced it will be launching its own life simulator, "Lively". Users of Google's mail or other web-based applications will be able to create their own virtual character simply by using their login.

After users create their avatars -- representations of themselves, however accurate -- they'll be able to enter wild environments in order to interact with other Lively folk. It's expected users will devise their own, unique ways for interacting with one another, but preliminary reports users are still figuring out Lively's basics.

Newcomers will be pleased to find that there's plenty to do with that avatar. Users can move in all directions, change their perspectives/viewpoints, and, of course, chat with others. Fans can customize their avatar's behavior, leaning towards either humorous actions or serious, perhaps even melancholy attitudes. (Source:

For now, Lively isn't quite as, well, lively as Second Life. To date, there just isn't the character movement available elsewhere, though the customization options do allow users to purchase cool items like furniture.

So, if you're looking for something a bit simpler than Second Life (and your regular life just won't do), then check out Google's new Lively. (Source:

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