Compute Your Entire Excel Worksheet With A Click Of The Mouse

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Most of my subscribers at are aware of MS Excel's AutoSum feature that allows you to quickly total spreadsheet data across a row or a column. Having said that, most users also avail themselves of this feature by obtaining the sum and then copying it down a range in their spreadsheet.

Using AutoSum in this manner can save you time, but I am going to teach you another way that is even more speedy and efficient. You all know that I am all about saving time and keystrokes!

Follow the steps below to learn how:Select the range of data in your spreadsheet.  

  • Click the AutoSum button.  
  • AutoSum allows you to enter all the formulas with just one click! Not only that, but you can do this for all auto functions.   For instance, if you have an Average in your spreadsheet you can simply select the range and click the AutoSum button drop-down arrow and select Average.

It doesn't get much easier than this does it?

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