Splashtop Mini-OS: Most Innovative Product of the Year

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Some of the top laptop manufacturers in the world have created a system that allows certain models to run frequently-used software in a matter of seconds. The specialized feature, called "Splashtop," does away with lengthy start-up times by avoiding Microsoft Windows in favor of a Linux-based "mini-operating system".

For example: when a friend challenged me to a game of FIFA Soccer 2008 for the PlayStation 3, I was amazed to find that a new feature had been added that allowed users to practice perfecting their penalty shots while the game was busy loading the next page. Using this analogy, the gamer never sits idle while waiting for the action to begin.

Wouldn't it be great if all tech devices were like that? Imagine if all computers were designed that way.

Sure, most computer models these days are already running with hi-speed capabilities, giving users little to complain about. But consider the fact that "booting up" a system takes five or more minutes (depending on age and the amount of files in the hard drive). Load times can be much better served doing something useful.

Splashtop's "mini-OS" gives users access to a host of necessary tools (Internet browsers, email accounts, etc.) with virtually no wait time. (Source: go.com)

Another great aspect of Splashtop is its conservation of battery life. Since the laptop is running at a fraction of its potential, the battery uses a fraction of its power.

Splashtop has already appeared in notebook computers produced by Taiwan-based ASUSTeK. The feature was so well received by the public that it made the top 10 list of most innovative products as voted by PC World Magazine. (Source: usatoday.com)

The feature is unique for another reason as well. In an industry where computer-issued software has "smartened-up" our mobile phones, the concept behind Splashtop is very much smartphone-influenced. Smartphones offer very little wait times to access important information via the web.

Of course, one drawback of the feature is that most aspects of the laptop remain dormant while Splashtop is in use. If a user wishes to activate Microsoft Windows, the standard wait-time is still an issue.

Those interested in Splashtop will not have to wait long for its North American debut. Hewlett-Packard Voodoo Envy laptop models will have the feature pre-installed for consumer purchase later this year.

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