'Pilfius', and 'Plax Network Suite'

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PiLfIuS! is a program that turns the commands you speak into your microphone or headset into keystrokes. Command Lists are fully customizable, meaning that you no longer will have to remember a myriad of key combinations to perform an action, and won't have to take your hands off your mouse to do so. As an example, to order one of your fire-teams to open fire in Operation Flashpoint (tm), you would have to take your hands off the controls and hit the keys 9-2-3-1 in order, and without typos. This program helps you avoid the distraction!


Plax Network Suite

Plax Network Suite is an easy to use collection of network tools which give you full control over the internet activity of your computer. Designed for quick access, the Windows Firewall button provides an instant ON/OFF switch for Windows XP Firewall. Plax Network Suite offers the possibility to block all internet connections by the flick of a button.


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