Options for Sending your MS Word 2007 Documents

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As in previous versions of Word, Word 2007 allows you to send documents electronically without opening Outlook. However, in this latest version, you are provided with new options for sending your documents.

Follow the steps below to send a document electronically:

  • Click the Office Button.  
  • Select Send.  
  • Choose the appropriate option for sending your document.

Perhaps most people will select the first option, sending the document in Word format as an email attachment. Others may be interested in the other options. You can opt to send your document as a PDF attachment or an XPS attachment.

In order to send your document in PDF or XPS format, you will need the Save as PDF add-in for Word, which can be found here.

There is one last option you can select which is sending your document as an Internet fax. In order to use this option, you must be registered for an Internet fax service.

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