Obama Team Targeted by Chinese, Russian Hackers

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Disgruntled Republicans may find some solace in recent news that Chinese and Russian hackers recently hacked the computer systems of president-elect Barack Obama -- unfortunately, they also infiltrated John McCain's system, too.

The news appears much more serious than it sounds. These aren't your average basement-dwelling nogoodniks, but instead are reportedly sophisticated hackers that may even represent government elements in both China and Russia.

The news stunned the Obama campaign. According to reports, the FBI and Secret Service recently visited the Democrats to tell them that their system was under attack. An FBI agent was quoted by American Newsweek as saying, "You have been compromised, and a serious amount of files have been loaded off your system." (Source: timesonline.co.uk)

Little has been confirmed on who was really behind the attack, but Newsweek reports there is enough evidence to suspect the Russians and Chinese were behind it. According to the magazine, Obama's 'technical experts' are fairly certain the groups responsible for the attack, which the FBI reported also targeted McCain's camp, are from the two powerful rivals.

Thankfully, the hack appears to have been terminated. Internet security teams hired by both the McCain and Obama teams were able to secure their respective computer systems, but not before the hackers could steal a "serious amount of files". (Source: guardian.co.uk)

Ironically, exiting president George W. Bush had just announced hours before in a speech that enemies of the United States could be working on a plan targeting the country as it makes the transition from one administration to another. It's not certain if that was just a coincidental jab at the incoming Democrats or if Mr. Bush and his team are aware that a real threat is brewing.

Regardless, it seems Barack Obama, just days after being confirmed as the next president of the United States, has already been given a rude welcome.

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