iPod Tiny Projector Unveiled: Optoma Pico

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The popularity of the Apple iPod has produced some of the most innovative complimentary gadgets the world has ever seen. At a recent consumer electronics show in Berlin, onlookers were enthralled with the latest iPod sidekick that is sure to take personal entertainment to a whole new level.

Meet the Optoma Pico Projector.

The Optoma Pico Projector is not big and bulky like common projectors, but it does all of the same features and more.

Think of it as a pocket projector. With its dimensions (2 by 4.1 by 0.7 inches) and a weight of about 4.2 ounces, the device looks more like a cell phone than a projector. Still, it is pretty useful for the times when a regular monitor is a bit excessive and the small screen of an iPod can strain the eyes. (Source: iht.com)

The Optoma Pico Projector provides the perfect balance: simply upload television shows, movies or video clips to your iPod, plug in the projector and watch the footage on anything from the side of a pitched tent to a plain white t-shirt.

The shiny black box houses a bright LED lamp. Inside, there is a miniaturized Texas Instruments digital light-processing (DLP) chip, similar to the ones found in select high definition television sets. Together, they produce a bright, clear video or still image comparable in quality to full-sized projectors. (Source: justsamachar.com)

Still, a device one-tenth the size of a normal tabletop projector is never going to offer the brightest picture (standard projectors boast around 2,000 lumens while the Pico hangs in there with about 9 lumens).

The device can last about 90 minutes at full charge (longer depending on the level of brightness and sound). The projector can be recharged from its power cord or any USB jack.

The Optoma Pico Projector is set to hit retail stores in late November. Initial estimates have the device selling for $430, which also comes complete with spare battery, drawstring carrying bag and miniaturized screw-in tripod adapter.

The world has now become your own personal movie screen. Enjoy!

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