Copy Hundreds of Rows of Formulas in MS Excel

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There are a number of way in which you can copy formulas in MS Excel. You can use the Autofill feature or select the cells you want to copy to, enter the formula in the active cell and press Ctrl + Enter. These methods work very well for you in Excel unless you have hundreds of rows that you would like to copy.

Let's say you have 100 classes listed in Column A of your spreadsheet and Column B lists the in-state tuition price of each class. Wouldn't it be nice to enter a formula that calculates the price for each class and displays the results in Column C? The practice of selecting hundreds of cells can become quite tedious and even error-prone. You can still copy the formula down Column C without having to select the cells.

Follow the steps below for cell copying:

  • Click in C2 and enter =B2*300%
  • Press Ctrl + Enter 
  • Double-click the fill handle

Excel will stop copying the formula when it comes to row with a blank cell in Column B.

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