Microsoft Unveils Its Own Economic Stimulus Plan

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In response to the current economic crisis, Microsoft Corp. has come out with a stimulus plan of their own. Their goal is to help a large group of individuals use their computers to land employment in ways other than to generate a compelling resume.

The new online initiative, Elevate America, is set to equip close to 2 million people (over the next three years) with the skills needed to succeed in the field of technology. (Source:

Elevate America offers two programs, one that will start training tech hopefuls immediately and one that will take some time but offer patient students greater opportunities through state government partnerships.

The website ElevateAmerica has been launched and is already helping future jobseekers to understand what types of skills are needed to survive in the tech industry and how to acquire them.

Elevate America provides access to several Microsoft online training programs. Since Microsoft is designing these tutorials with the assumption that those who use them have very little tech know-how, expect these programs to be basic lessons like how to use the Internet, send emails and create resumes.

These programs will naturally build towards slightly more advanced lessons like how to use specific Microsoft applications.

State-Approved Initiative

Elevate America is also working on establishing government partnerships that will provide state funding in order to assist graduates in securing a job. It was announced that Florida, New York and Washington will be the first states to provide Elevate America to their residents. (Source:

The governors of each state took the time to praise Microsoft for coming up with new ideas while encouraging other large corporations to mimic their actions.

The Future of All Industries

It is expected that within the next decade almost 77 percent of all industries will require their employees to have some sort of technical skills. Right now, about half of all industries require some semblance of technical knowledge.

Graduates of Elevate America should have less difficulty landing employment, especially with endorsements from Microsoft and their state government adding to their resumes.

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