MS Invests $1B in Research, Hires 3000 New Empoyees

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Microsoft has made headlines in recent weeks for devising new ideas to bolster a struggling global economy. While the software giant expects to lose significant revenue this year, Microsoft is looking at the bigger picture in an attempt to stop the bleeding and start on the road to recovery.

One of the new Microsoft-endorsed initiatives is an online program called Elevate America, which hopes to teach, certify and secure employment for close to 2 million people. Now, Microsoft is once again giving hope to an ever-increasing unemployment demographic by making way for an additional 3,000 positions within the company.

Some Will Gain, Some Will Lose

While offering 3,000 additional positions is a tremendous boost in morale, the figure is a bit deceiving. The new jobs will be exclusive to research and development departments. This means that while investment in this sector will increase by $1 billion, some jobs in other areas of Microsoft are set to be eliminated. (Source:

Microsoft would not disclose whether or not the number of positions eliminated would surpass the number of new positions created, though analysts believe that this is not likely to occur since Microsoft has gone to great lengths in publicizing their realignment strategies.

2.5 Year Stimulus Plan

The move should not come as a complete shock to those who have been keeping close tabs on Microsoft in recent weeks. In January, the company announced the possibility for 2,000 to 3,000 new jobs as part of a broader realignment plan set to occur within the next 18 months. (Source:

Microsoft's 2.5 year realignment plan also involves increasing the investment made to research and development by $1 billion, bringing the total amount to $9 billion. The money will be used to further research emergent realms like "cloud computing" and to develop even more Internet-based applications.

In any case, hiring close to 3,000 new employees will help out many families during these difficult times, while dedicating these people to research and development will ensure that Microsoft continues to stay on the cusp of the latest in technological advancements for some time.

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