Add A Header To Word 2007 Documents Very Easily

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It's very easy to add a simple header in Word 2007. Don't be intimidated by the sophisticated-looking, complex headers that are included in this latest version of MS Word.

Follow the easy steps below to add your own header:

  • In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab.  
  • Click Header under the Header & Footer Group.  
  • Click Edit Header.

In the blank header area, you can add your name and page numbers or whatever information you desire.

Follow the steps below to accomplish this task:

  • Press CTRL + R.  
  • Type your name and press Enter.  
  • Type Page.  
  • Click the Insert tab.  
  • Click Page Number in the Header & Footer Group.  
  • Click Current Position.  
  • Click Plain Number.  
  • Click the Close Header button.

Not to worry if you decide you would like different information in your header or you want to delete some information. Simply double-click in the header area and you can then edit the header.

Once your edits are finished, double-click outside the header area to continue working in the rest of the document.

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