U.S. Alleges Cyber-Spies Attacked Electrical Grid

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Current and former national security officials speculate that the U.S. electrical grid is under attack from Russian and Chinese cyber-spies. No damage has been done to the system yet, but the threat remains in place should a war or other national security crisis hit the U.S.

One senior intelligence official says that the Chinese and the Russians have attempted to map infrastructure which includes the electrical grid, nuclear power plants, financial networks and our water and sewage systems. (Source: wsj.com)

Constant Attacks Against Military Networks Alleged

The report of the intrusions came after the Pentagon announced that more than $100 million was spent responding to and repairing damage from cyber attacks and other computer network problems in the past six months. (Source: cbsnews.com)

The military is only now beginning to track the costs associated with the barrage of daily attacks against various military networks ranging from the Pentagon to other bases around the U.S.

There are some questionable tactics in play. A few weeks ago, Air Force General Kevin Chilton told Congress that the military is interested in the security of private networks and that the U.S. Strategic Command may well be the place for that responsibility. (Source: zdnet.com)

Why is the Military Revealing this Information now?

Since the introduction of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) in 2002, regulations have been lacking. Deregulation, combined with outsourcing the nation's security to private entities, has once again proven to have potentially disastrous results.

Last month, the director of the National Cyber Security Center quit, saying that the expanding control of the National Security Administration (NSA) over the nation's computer security efforts posed threats to democratic processes. (Source: upi.com)

Gov't Seeks Unprecedented Control Over Internet

Last week we reported on a proposed bill in the U.S. Senate that would give the President unprecedented control over the Internet. If the revelation by U.S. intelligence agencies are true, is this another ploy designed to pick apart the remaining semblance of democracy in America?

The revelation of the U.S. electrical grid being prone to security breaches seems to be extremely coincidental and well timed to further the desired governmental control over the Internet.

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