Controversy Erupts over Best Buy Memo, Rips Vista

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Big news was made yesterday when a leaked Best Buy memo revealed the retailer's plans to sell Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows 7 operating system as early as June, for as cheap as $49.99. Interesting enough, the same memo characterizes Microsoft's last OS, Windows Vista, as outdated.

Yesterday it was announced, or unearthed, that Best Buy would make available for pre-release the Win7 Home Premium Upgrade and Windows 7 Professional Upgrade from June 26 until July 11. Each would cost $49.99 and $99.99, respectively, with shipments arriving after the October 22 release.

"Less complexity for end users."

However, one of the most interesting parts of the leaked memo unveiling these details was the negative characterization of Vista, Microsoft's 2007 operating system -- and one the company is still trying to get home and business users to purchase.

Not only does the memo assure potential buyers that Win7 is more than just a "Vista that works," it also refers to Vista as overcomplicated and slow. "In simpler terms, this means less waiting, fewer clicks and less complexity for end users," the memo reads. (Source:

Will Best Buy Memo Prove Costly?

Windows Vista shipped in early 2007 and ever since has faced a barrage of criticism for being a system hog -- more attractive than Windows XP, sure, but compatibility and speed issues have made Microsoft's campaign to sell Vista a very difficult one, indeed.

Despite that, the Redmond-based company continues to push home and business users to make the switch from XP, and it seems super-popular retailer Best Buy is making that crusade even harder.

When will Windows 7 Finally be Available?

Windows 7 is slated for release this October. The Windows 7 Pre-Sale begins June 26, and new PC buyers will get the option to upgrade for free if they make a purchase between the end of the month and this fall. (Source:

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