Remove msgmsg.exe (Windows Messenger) from Windows XP?

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Infopackets Reader Lei F. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have scoured the Internet and tried everything I could come up with, but I just can't seem to get stop (MSN Messenger) from the running processes. Even when I end the process using Task Manager, within minutes, msmgs.exe appears again. No one in our family even uses Windows Messenger, those that do use MSN Messenger v6. I have tried EVERYTHING, Dennis -- how do I get rid of it? I've tried searching Google for the answer, but was unable to come up with anything. I'm sure a significant proportion of infopackets subscribers have the same problem. I am running Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1. Can you help? "

My response:

In order to remove Windows Messenger, you'll need to edit the System Registry to permanently remove it from launching on your system. I wrote about this problem before in the Gazette, and you read up about it here:

Uninstall MSN Messenger for Windows XP, Part 2.5

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