'Moba Live Cd', and 'Moba Ssh'

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Moba Live Cd

MobaLiveCD is a freeware that will run your Linux LiveCD on Windows thanks to the excellent emulator called "Qemu". MobaLiveCD allows you to test your LiveCD with a single click. After downloading the ISO image file of your favorite LiveCD, you just have to start it in MobaLiveCD and here you are, without the need to burn a CD-Rom or to reboot your computer.


Moba SSH

MobaSSH allows you to run commands and transfer files on a remote Windows PC from almost any operating system using a fully secured and encrypted network connection. MobaSSH is 100% compatible with the Linux / Unix / HPUx / AIX SSH clients, and also Putty or WinSCP on Windows.


Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at Shell Extension City. Please note that the below software descriptions are provided solely from the developer and are absent from any guarantee or warranty. You are encouraged to review the Shell Extension Software Policy for more details.

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